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The Master of Arts Program in the Humanities (MAPH) at the University of Chicago is a rigorous, one-year graduate program that allows students to focus within a specific academic discipline—such as Art History or English—or to explore their interdisciplinary interests. Our students refine their intellectual ideas throughout the year, a process which for most culminates in a master’s thesis supervised by a University of Chicago faculty member. MAPH is excellent preparation for students who wish to continue their studies in a PhD program, enter a new professional field, or return to their current career with more developed writing and research skills.


Statement from members of the MAPH staff on the protests following the police murder of George Floyd

The MAPH program was founded on the idea that the work of the humanities is vital not just to the academy but to the world we live in. We believe that humanistic inquiry should be both analytical and critical: It should be aimed not only at describing the world, but also changing it. We also love the unique community of students that makes up MAPH. Thus we feel that it is necessary to say clearly that we are in support of the current protests reshaping American cities. We are in support of Black Lives Matter and against the violence and incitement of the police. We support the organizing efforts of students on our campus that emphasize care for students over the funding of the police. We stand with all people fighting for racial and economic justice and liberation.

Amos Browne, Chris Carloy, Darrel Chia, Savannah Esquivel, Mark Gorthey, Matt Hubbell, Bill Hutchison, Claire Kirwin, Sarah Kunjummen, Agnes Malinowska, Jeff McMahon, Carlie Robbins, Maren Robinson, Tristan Schweiger, Jennifer Sichel, Nathan Smith, Ariel Sowers, Kaitlyn Spina, Josh Stadtner, Antonia Stefanescu, Hilary Strang, Maggie Taft, Megan Tusler, Annie Williams

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