Email a Current Student


Communicating with current students is another great way to learn about the Master of Arts Program in the Humanities (MAPH) and the larger University of Chicago community. You are welcome to contact any of the current students profiled below. While many MAPH students have interdisciplinary academic interests, they are grouped here by just one of their main interests so that you can find someone to reach out to with whom you have something in common.

Art History

Claire Rich |

Claire is currently a first-year MAPH-TLO student focusing on modern and contemporary art history. As part of TLO, she is taking language courses in French and German. Before coming to Chicago she attended Boston University, receiving her BA in the History of Art and Architecture in 2021. Academically, she is primarily interested in contemporary exhibition culture, particularly biennales and documenta, contemporary non-traditional materials and processes, as well as the intersection of visual media and language. In her spare time, she loves to explore Hyde Park, sit by the lake, and is a self-admitted foodie.


Cinema & Media Studies

Abby Delio |

I am a first-year MAPH student with interests in Cinema and Media Studies and Creative Writing. This past spring, I graduated from the University of Rochester with a BA in English, Psychology, and Gender Studies. I’m interested in both film production as well as theory, specifically the intersection of gender and film. My senior honors thesis was focused on the gendered representation of infertility in comedic film and television. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, thrifting, and exploring Hyde Park!


I am a MAPH student doing TLO for Korean and Chinese, and I am interested in Cinema/Media Studies! I did my undergrad at UW in Seattle and have now settled in Chicago for my graduate studies! My research interests are in Korean cinema, and potentially postcolonial East Asian literature. In my free time, I enjoy reading, watching movies, and learning how to knit!


Creative Writing

English Language and Literature


I am currently enrolled in MAPH with Two-Year Language Option (German) and concentrate on English. My overarching methodology is reading literature with and as philosophy, and my main area of interest is English Romanticism, including its origins and aftermath. Please do not hesitate to write to me if you have even a miniscule question about studying ELL in MAPH, TLO, everyday life in Hyde Park or coming to study with a Fulbright.


Nia Pappas |

Hiii :) I'm Nia, a MAPH student focusing in philosophy. Some of my more specific interests are in epistemology, philosophy of language, early modern philosophy, and phenomenology. Tangentially, I did my undergrad in philosophy as well as bioethics/biology at DePaul; as such, I love talking about shifts in focus and interdisciplinary studies. I currently reside on Chicago's west side, and I am always down to talk about all things MAPH, philosophy, life, commuting, hedgehog maintenance (lol my pet), cooking, rock climbing, things to do in Chicago, and quite literally anything else <3 !!!

Poetry & Poetics

TLO (Two-Year Language Option)


Hi! I am a first-year MAPH TLO student focusing on German and Japanese. I did my undergrad at Western Michigan University, majoring in Anthropology and Japanese with minors in German, Music, and Religion, and graduated in Spring 2022. Here at UChicago I am currently taking both German and Japanese language courses, since my main research interest centers on loanwords and language interaction. However (as stated above) I am very interested in aspects of culture spanning a wide variety of subjects, so I am looking forward to taking more courses in anthropology, linguistics, the divinity school, and ~possibly~ picking up another language! If you have any questions about daily life, workload, clubs and activities (I am a PROUD member of the Kendo Club and Middle Eastern Music Ensemble), or anything else, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Andrea Flores |

Andrea is a first-year MAPH TLO student primarily focusing on Spanish, with the possibility of adding on German in her second year. Her current studies and research interests include Spanish, Hispanic food culture and cuisine, and gender and sexuality studies. Originally from SC, she moved to the Northeast (first PA and then CT) after undergrad to be a Spanish teacher for a couple of years before starting her graduate studies - so Chicago is her first time ever living in a big city! In her spare time, she loves to talk about all things food-related, music, nature, and loves a good book/tv show/movie recommendation!