Darrel Chia

Darrel Chia is a PhD candidate in English Language and Literature. His dissertation, The Disciplines of Diplomacy: Ethics, Publics, Economics 1899-1919, claims diplomacy as a key figure through which normative conceptions of moral citizenship and political agency (encoded in the Bildungsroman), get reinterpreted within a set of trans-Atlantic literary responses to the imperialisms of the early 20th-century. First, this project traces how a new kind of imperial politics (operating through the civilizing mission, and the institutionalization of public international law) exerted pressures on the field of diplomacy. Second, it describes narrative attempts to disclose the affective styles of a diplomatic-political ethics, in particular in the form of: tact; discretion; indifference; the neutral; and the disambiguation of foreign policy and melodrama).

Darrel researches and teaches in the areas of postcolonial and global Anglophone literatures, the literature of travel and displacement, cosmopolitanism and nationalism, law and literature, and gender and sexuality.

He holds a law degree from Murdoch University, and practiced for several years in Australia. He also has an honours degree in English from the Australian National University. He enjoys walking his dog along the parks and lakeshore paths of Hyde Park.