Campus Days

Campus Days will be on April 12 and 13, 2015.
Classics Building

Every Year MAPH hosts admitted students here on the University campus for our Campus Days. Campus Days offers students a chance to get a more in-depth view of what a year at MAPH has to offer them and to experience the program first-hand.  The Campus Days schedule includes social and scholarly events, as well as opportunities to sit in on classes, and meet with current students, professors and alumni to discuss the program and possible studies at the University of Chicago.

Please RSVP online by March 30.

MAPH can offer up to $300 in travel reimbursement for Campus Days. Please see below for more details on how to receive this reimbursement.


Campus Days Housing

Staying with a Current MAPH Student

There are a limited number of spaces available with current MAPH students. Campus Days visitors who request housing will be placed on a first-come, first-served basis. It is unlikely that we will be able to accommodate every request for housing with current students, but please do check with us to see if spots are still available.

This option is primarily for Saturday and/or Sunday night; however, you may also make a special request for a Friday night stay. Please be respectful of your student host and limit the number of days you request. Indicate on the registration form the night(s) you are seeking accommodation and if you have any pet allergies.

Most current students live in Graduate Student Housing in Hyde Park. Some current students live in other Chicago neighborhoods. If you are considering living in a neighborhood other than Hyde Park and would like to stay with a student living outside Hyde Park, please include this information in your request.

We recommend making alternate reservations if you do not have confirmed housing with a current student. You must RSVP by March 30 to be considered for housing with a current student. This deadline allows us to give you, and the current student, time to make any necessary arrangements.

Staying at Chicago Hotels

The most convienient and recommended hotel for visiting students is the Hyatt Place Chicago, the newest hotel in Hyde Park. MAPH has a block of rooms available to be reserved a discounted rate—please use the following link to ensure a lower price for a hotel room:

Book a Room at the Hyatt with the MAPH Discounted Rate

If the Hyatt doesn't work for you, we recommend staying at hotels downtown or on the near-north side. Great deals are often available this time of year through web sites like Priceline or

Staying at a Hostel

There is an International Hostel in downtown Chicago a short bus or train ride from Hyde Park that offers inexpensive rates for students. Many MAPH students have stayed at this hostel in the past and had positive, cost-effective experiences!

The IHSP Chicago Hostel in the Wicker Park neighborhood is another hostel option for visiting students, though it is farther away. 

Getting Around Chicago

The easiest way to and from downtown Chicago from Hyde Park is to take the CTA #2, #6, or the Metra Electric. Looking for an app to help you get around? We recommend using Transit Stop for all CTA routes and Transloc for Hyde Park transit (both CTA and University Shuttles). Below are directions from Hyde Park to various parts of the city:

Museum Campus (Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium)
          Metra Electric District from 57th or 59th Street to Museum Campus
          Number Six Bus from 57th and Stony Island to 11th Street

Millennium Park / Mag Mile (Bean, Crown Fountain, Art Institute, Shopping)
        Metra Electric District from 57th or 59th Street to Millennium Station
        Number Two or Six Bus from 57th and Stony Island to Madison Street

Wicker Pk. / Ukrainian Village (Coffee Shops, Vintage, Bookstores)
          Metra Electric District or Number 2, 6, 10 to the Loop. Transfer to Blue Line toward O’Hare to Division Street (Ukrainian Village) or Damen (Wicker Park)

Lincoln Park / Wrigleyville (Steppenwolf Theatre, Second City, Zoo)
          Metra Electric District or Number 2, 6, or 10 to the Loop. Transfer to Brown Line or Red Line


Campus Days Travel Reimbursement Instructions 

Students who have been offered admission to MAPH and who join us for Campus Days are eligible for up to $300 in travel reimbursement. If you need reimbursement, you must fill out a Travel Expense Voucher during Campus Days, whether or not you have the appropriate receipts with you. If you have the receipts, your reimbursement can be processed fairly quickly. It takes about a month for the University Financial Services to cut and mail checks. If you do not have the receipts, we will keep your expense voucher on file until you mail us the receipts. Our mailing address is MAPH, 1010 E 59th St., Suite 117, Chicago IL 60637. The University has very strict rules about what counts as an acceptable proof of expense. Please read through these instructions so that you can obtain the proper receipts. You won’t be reimbursed if you don’t have the right receipts.
If you have questions about any of this, please contact us.
Here is what you'll need, according to how you travel:

Flying to Chicago

There are three different ways to get reimbursed for airfare. Any one of these will work:
Obtain an official paper receipt from the airline, showing your name, the dates of travel, and the airfare. These are available at ticket counters.
Or: Print your receipt, showing name, dates of travel, and airfare from a website and save your boarding pass. It must be an actual, paper boarding pass issued at the airport not one that you printed out at home.
Or: If you cannot do either of the above, and if you put your airfare on a credit card, you can submit a copy of the credit card bill, along with your airfare receipt (printed from a website). The bill must show your name (only the person whose name is on the bill can be reimbursed) and the airfare. You may cross out the credit card number for security. You may cross out all the other entries for privacy.
If your airfare is under $300 and you use public transportation or a cab to get back and forth to the airport, these expenses can be reimbursed. Get receipts from cabs.

Driving to Chicago

In order to be reimbursed for travel by car, bus, or train, you must provide evidence that your method of transportation is less expensive than flying. Go online (to Travelocity or Expedia or any other travel website) and find the cheapest airfare that would get you to Chicago. Bring a printout from the website showing the airfare and the dates to Campus Days or mail it to us.
Private car: Go to Google maps and have it calculate your shortest route. Bring a printout that shows the mileage to Campus Days or mail it to us along with the rest of your receipts. Multiply the mileage of the shortest route, round-trip, by 55.5 cents. If the airfare costs less than mileage expenses, you can still drive—it's just that you'll be reimbursed only up to the amount of the airfare.
Rental car: Get actual paper receipts (receipts must show your name and indicate that the fees have been paid) from the rental car agency when you drop off the car (so, after Campus Days). These can be mailed to MAPH. Nothing printed from a website is acceptable. If the rental car costs more than the airfare, you'll be reimbursed only up to the amount of the airfare.
Buses & Trains: Receipts, receipts, receipts. Actual tickets will work, if they show the fare and your name, and these can be mailed back to MAPH at the end of your trip home. Nothing printed from a website is acceptable. If your tickets cost more than the airfare, you'll be reimbursed only up to the amount of the airfare.
Chicago parking fees and highway tolls are reimbursable. Get receipts.

Social Hour

Visiting from within Chicago

See instructions under Driving. If you use a cab to visit the University, or if you incur highway tolls or parking fees, you may turn in those receipts for reimbursement. Public transportation (CTA bus or train) fares are reimbursable without a receipt.


If your travel expenses do not amount to $300, and if you live more than 50 miles away from the University, you may be reimbursed for lodging expenses (up to a total of $300 for both travel and lodging) on the nights of April 11, 12 or 13. A receipt showing your name and indicating that payment has been made is required. A copy of your credit card statement showing your name and the expense will also work. Nothing printed from a website is acceptable.


Meals are not reimbursable.