Isabeau Dasho

Isabeau Dasho received her MA from the Master of Arts Program in the Humanities in 2017, and a BFA in Creative Writing with a minor in Gender Studies from Stephens College in 2009. After spending a few years variously as a bank teller, nanny, after school science programing organizer, bartender and pizza slinger at a place called Shakespeares, she moved to the City of Broad Shoulders and began walking and brunching extensively. During her MAPH year, Isabeau investigated the confluences of feminism, ecology, and speculative fiction. In addition to her analytical engagement, Isabeau spent a lot of time contemplating the physics of Space Whales and their exploitation through her creative thesis work. Alongside her coursework, she attended many of the workshops and lectures put on by the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality. When not on campus Isabeau can likely be found eating tacos or baking.