Faculty Advisory Board

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The Master of Arts Program in the Humanities (MAPH) Faculty Board is made up of a diverse group of University of Chicago faculty. Board members meet quarterly to discuss the shape and goals of MAPH. 

Thomas ChristensenBoard Chair
Avalon Foundation Professor of Music and the Humanities

Thomas Christensen is the Chair of the MAPH Faculty Advisory Board. Christensen’s scholarly research centers on the history of music theory. Fundamental to his work has been a desire to situate the many intellectual frames, arguments and linguistic models used by writers in the early modern period deeply within cultural discourses. Hence, as one example, Christensen’s 1993 monograph on Jean-Philippe Rameau attempts to analyze his music theory as a complex response to both the empirical as well as synthetic values of Enlightenment science. Other key articles have concerned the writings of the 17th-century savants, Marin Mersenne and Seth Calvisius, thorough-bass theory in the 18th century; the reception of Rameau’s theories in Germany; problems in the historiography of music theory; and the history and social aesthetics of playing piano transcriptions in the 19th century. Many of these articles have recently been reprinted in a volume that was published in 2014 entitled The Work of Music Theory. He has also attempted more synthetic surveys of historical music theory, particularly as editor of the Cambridge History of Western Music Theory (published in 2003; translations into Macedonian and Chinese).

Whitney Cox
Associate Professor of South Asian Languages and Civilizations

Patrick Crowley
Assistant Professor of Art History and the College

Elaine Hadley
Professor of English Langauge and Literature and Gender and Sexuality Studies

Paola Iovene
Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations

Michèle Lowrie
Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Classics and the College and Deputy Dean of the Division of the Humanities

Srikanth Reddy
Associate Professor of English Langauge and Literature; Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture; and Committee on Creative Writing

Candace Vogler
David B. and Clara E. Stern Professor of Philosophy and the College

Jennifer Wild
Associate Professor of Cinema and Media Studies and the College, Romance Languages and Literatures, and Gender and Sexuality studies.