Faculty Advisory Board

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The Master of Arts Program in the Humanities (MAPH) Faculty Board is made up of a diverse group of University of Chicago faculty. Board members meet quarterly to discuss the shape and goals of MAPH.


Michèle Lowrie, Board Chair
Andrew W. Mellon Professor, Classics and the College

Michèle's research focuses on the intersection of ideology and literary form, particularly in Roman literature and its reception. Trained as a literary scholar, I have become more interested in politics over time. Current projects include: the exemplum and exceptional politics from Cicero to Augustus; shifts in Roman political thinking about safety and security at the transition from Republic to Empire; the reception of Roman civil war tropes in nineteenth century French literature in collaboration with Barbara Vinken; a volume on exemplarity and singularity, co-edited with Susanne Luedemann; thinking through tropes, a faculty seminar funded by the Neubauer Collegium; transformations in the public sphere between Cicero and Horace.

Allyson Field
Associate Professor of Cinema and Media Studies and the College

Chelsea Foxwell
Associate Professor of Art History

Elaine Hadley
Professor of English Language and Literature and the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality

Alison James 
Associate Professor of French Literature

Michael Kremer
Mary R. Morton Professor of Philosophy

Hoyt Long
Associate Professor of Japanese Literature and East Asian Languages and Civilizations

William Nickell
Associate Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures

Srikanth Reddy
Associate Professor of English Language and Literature; Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture; and Committee on Creative Writing