The Master of Arts Program in the Humanities is a one-year, interdisciplinary graduate program at the University of Chicago.

Students take eight graduate-level courses with UChicago faculty and conduct original research to write a master's thesis. The MAPH year is a demanding, rigorous intellectual project of graduate education undertaken in a supportive community that emphasizes curiosity, creativity, and possibility.

Whitney Sperrazza
"I finished MAPH with a solid idea of the type of student graduate programs are looking for and knowing without hesitation that I was that student and how to market myself as such."
Whitney Sperrazza
Doctoral Student,
Indiana University Bloomington
Michael Washburn
"If you're open to it, MAPH can show you ways to pursue a life of the mind without following 'standard' academic paths."
Michael Washburn
Director of Programs,
New York Council for the Humanities
Gregory Lawless
"MAPH is a great place for productive failure, for the kind of intense, chaotic artistic and intellectual experiments that lead not just to learning but transformation."
Gregory Lawless
Author of Foreclosure and I Thought I Was New Here
Breahna Wilson
"Coming to MAPH with an economics background, I wondered: why aren’t the humanities and economics analyzed as complements? To me, that seems like a far more productive conversation."
Breahna Wilson
Client Associate,
Laird Norton Wealth Management


The MA Program in the Humanities provides...



Community Life
We think the foundation of an intellectual life is a genuine, supportive social community. We offer regular social events and outings. Our staff are all committed to making MAPH a place where students thrive.
Intellectual Inquiry
1 Core course, 7 elective courses, 1 MA Thesis. MAPH students choose classes from UChicago’s graduate course offerings and research, write, and revise a thesis with a faculty advisor.
Professional Possibility
Many MAPH students go on to do doctoral work. Others use MAPH to explore new professional possibilities. We offer programming to support whatever paths our students want to pursue next.