Travel Reimbursement

Admitted students who attend Campus Days are eligible for up to $200 total in travel reimbursement. Students requesting reimbursement must complete a Travel Expense Voucher during Campus Days. The University has very strict rules about what can be reimbursed and what counts as an acceptable proof of an expense. Please review the information below for the types of travel or lodging you can be reimubrsed for. 

If you need to mail any reimbursement materials, they can be sent to the following address:

University of Chicago
Master of Arts Program in the Humanities
1010 E. 59 St. CL 117
Chicago, IL 60637

If you have any questions about this process, please contact us at

Air Travel

There are three different ways to get reimbursed for airfare:

  • Obtain an official paper receipt from the airline, showing your name, the dates of travel, and the airfare.
  • Print your receipt, showing name, dates of travel, and airfare from a website and save your boarding pass. It must be an actual, paper boarding pass issued at the airport not one that you printed out at home.
  • If you cannot do either of the above, and if you put your airfare on a credit card, you can submit a copy of the credit card bill, along with your airfare receipt printed from a website. The bill must show your name (only the person whose name is on the bill can be reimbursed) and the airfare. You may cross out the credit card number and all other entries for security.  

Car, Bus, or Train Travel

In order to be reimbursed for travel by car, bus, or train, you must provide evidence that your method of transportation is less expensive than flying. Go online (to Travelocity or Expedia or any other travel website) and find the cheapest airfare that would get you to Chicago. Bring a printout from the website showing the airfare and the dates to Campus Days.

Private Car

  • Go to Google maps and have it calculate your shortest route.
  • Multiply the mileage of the shortest route, round-trip, by .53.5 cents.
  • If the airfare costs less than mileage expenses, you can still drive—it's just that you'll be reimbursed only up to the amount of the airfare.
  • Bring a printout that shows the mileage to Campus Days.

Rental Car

  • Obtain paper receipts that indicate your name and the fees have been paid from the rental car agency when you drop off the car and mail this information to MAPH.
  • Electronic reciepts will not be accepted.
  • If your rental car costs more than the airfare, you'll be reimbursed only up to the amount of the airfare.

Buses and Trains

  • Obtain paper tickets that show the fare and your name.
  • Electronic reciepts will not be accepted. 
  • If your tickets cost more than the airfare, you'll be reimbursed only up to the amount of the airfare.

Please note Chicago parking fees and highway tolls are reimbursable as long as you have reciepts.


If you live more than 50 miles away from the University, you may be reimbursed for lodging expenses on the nights of April 1, 2 or 3.

  • A receipt showing your name and indicating that payment has been made is required.
  • A copy of your credit card statement showing your name and the expense would also be accepted.
  • Electronic reciepts will not be accepted.