The Gender and Sexuality Studies Option


Beginning in Autumn Quarter 2017, The Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality (CSGS) and the Master of Arts Program in the Humanities will offer a Gender and Sexuality Studies (GSS) program option. The GSS option for MAPH students is an important part of CSGS’ mission to integrate the innovations of the last fifty years in the study of women, gender, and sexuality into the core research and teaching mission of the University of Chicago by advancing new forms of interdisciplinary knowledge that connect academic learning to worldly problems and contexts. The GSS program option will prove valuable to students who want to extend their humanistic educations in the areas of feminist, queer, and trans* cultural production and theory and/or who seek to enrich their preparation in gender/sexuality studies with the aim of further study at the graduate level.

Course Requirements

MAPH students choosing the GSS option must complete the following courses:
  • The MAPH Core Course
  • Advanced Theories in Gender and Sexuality or another approved theories course
  • Three Gender and Sexuality Studies or approved courses

MA Thesis Requirements

MAPH students who choose the GSS option must also complete an MA thesis in gender and/or sexuality studies under the supervision of a GSS-affiliated faculty member. The final topic and form of the thesis project will be approved by the Director of Studies in GSS.