Registration Information Wieboldt Hall in Winter

Registration information for next quarter's courses will be available via email and in your mailfolders shortly before the registration period begins. You'll need to meet with your preceptor and check the University Time Schedules for course offerings and schedules prior to registration.

MAPH students may log in to the the graduate student registration site beginning Monday of registration week at 9:00 a.m. to request courses. The deadline for MAPH registration is Thursday of registration week at 4:15 p.m. There is a $100 late registration fee.

The add/drop period at U of C lasts for the first 3 weeks of the quarter. You should feel free to go to classes other than those you’ve registered for, so you can choose the best fit for you. If you decide to take a class you didn’t register for, you’ll get an add/drop card from the office and have the instructor of the course you’re adding sign that card. Then you’ll bring the add/drop card to the MAPH office. You are able to drop courses and request courses on line but you will need your preceptor or a member of the MAPH staff to enroll you in the course. Consult with your preceptor or one of the mentors about shopping classes and the best way to handle it.

Using the Online Registration System

Beginning at 9 a.m. on the Monday of registration week you’ll log in to Class Schedules and Registration and REQUEST courses. Then you will meet with or contact your preceptor who will approve your course selection and officially register you.

Written Consent: If you are registering for an undergraduate course (1000 or 2000 level), you will need permission of the instructor. If you are registering for a PhD seminar (5000 or 6000 level) you will need permission of instructor. If a course is listed as requiring consent of instructor, you need that consent. You must get written consent –a signature or an email explicitly giving permission to take the course—and you must show that written consent to your preceptor. 

Academic and Professional Writing: If you want to take Academic and Professional Writing, you must sign up in advance in the MAPH office, starting the Friday prior to registration. Your spot on the sign-up sheet will count as your written permission for that class.
Add/drop runs through the end of week three each quarter.
Do not mark the Audit box. You may informally sit in on as many classes as you wish, as long as the instructor doesn’t mind, but MA students may not audit classes.


Go to and log yourself in to make sure you have no restrictions on your account. You need your CNet ID in order to do this. Your CNet ID is your username and password for your University of Chicago email - everyone should already have set up U of C email. If you haven't claimed your CNet ID, go to the CNet ID Homepage and get it now.

All restrictions must be cleared before you will be allowed to register. Category II restrictions that aren’t cleared by the start of the quarter will result in a $100 late registration fee. Check to make sure you are registered for the correct courses and sections. Being enrolled in the Chalk site for the course does not necessarily mean you are registered for the course.

Full Courses

Most graduate courses will not fill up immediately. Don’t panic about registration, but do it promptly. The registration numbers that show up in the time schedules aren’t necessarily reliable. If you’re worried about a course filling up, feel free to attach a note with a couple of alternate classes to your registration card. If you get closed out of a class, you can still go to the first day of that class and let the instructor know you want to be in the class. Remember, U of C has a three-week add-drop period. It makes sense to make use of that freedom to make sure you’re in the classes you really want to be in.

Ph.D. Seminars

Courses numbered 50000 or above are advanced graduate courses, normally not open to first year graduate students even if they are not flagged with “consent required.” MAPH students may not take these courses in Fall quarter. After Fall you can take those classes with instructor and preceptor permission. (NB: In the Art History Department, courses number 40000 and above are graduate seminars and require permission for MAPH students.)

Undergrad-Only Courses

MAPH students may not typically take 10000-level courses except for language courses. MAPH students may take 20000-level courses with consent of the instructor, but the instructor must understand that the student is taking the course for graduate credit. Most instructors who give such consent assign more reading and longer papers to graduate students in these courses.

Courses at Chicago's Professional Schools

Humanities students may only register for a Booth School (Chicago's graduate school of business) course if the course is appropriate to the student's program of study (and approved by his/her preceptor). Registration for business courses that are open to non-GSB students does not take place until the second week of the quarter. Thus you need to register for and attend an alternative course, since there are no guarantees that a b-school class will be available. Information about b-school procedures for non-GSB students is available on the Chicago Booth website.

In order to register for any law school course, Humanities students must submit a "Non-Law School Student Permission to Register" form, along with the registration or add/drop form to Walker 111. The form, available for download from the Law School’s website, requires signatures from both the course instructor and the Law School Registrar. Make sure to check the number of units the law course you’re interested in is listed as having: some law courses are less than the required 100 units/class. The add/drop form should be signed by your preceptor.