The Cinema And Media Studies Option

The Cinema and Media Studies program has made it possible for MAPH to administer a Cinema and Media Studies MA-level program option.
Students choosing this option take the MAPH Core, the Cinema and Media Studies Methods and Issues course, CMST 40000, and History of International Film I and II. The two-term history sequence takes students from silent film up through film of the 1960s. In addition, a student choosing this option will take one or two of their remaining four elective courses in Cinema and Media Studies, and write a thesis on cinema/media under the supervision of a member of the Cinema and Media Studies faculty.
Because serious work on cinema and media requires broad intellectual engagements, students choosing this option will take at least two of their elective courses in other fields, ideally in fields that will contribute to their research.
For more information on cinema and media studies at UChicago, please visit the Department of Cinema and Media Studies website.