Alumni Career Profiles

Interested in learning more about what our alumni do after MAPH? You can find a selection of Alumni Career profiles below. You can find additional profiles on our alumni blog, AfterMAPH, which includes a series of interviews with alumni about their current work. You can also find more MAPH Alumni profiles on UChicago's Graduate Admissions website.


Meghan Brown ('03) | Principal and Owner, Occupi Design

Meghan is currently Principal and Owner of Occupi Design. She has a professional undergraduate degree in architecture and has worked in that industry for several years. MAPH has allowed her to put that education and work experience in the context of our culture – a context that encompasses a continuum of philosophy, art, history, etc. Meghan especially appreciated the opportunity to look analytically and creatively at concepts and events. The MAPH program encourages curiosity across disciplines, and Meghan found that being open to and exploring a variety of perspective enriched her experience. This outlook has been particularly valuable for her career as an entrepreneur and a designer. As a designer, one seeks to find solutions, to solve a problem--as does an entrepreneur. In both cases, having as many tools as possible only enriches the response to solving a problem.


Sara Corona Goldstein ('12) | Educational Counselor, Schuler Scholar Program

Two months after graduating from MAPH in 2012 Sara began working as an Educational Counselor for the Schuler Scholar Program and has been there since. Sara found the position opening via the MAPH listserv and owes the successful retooling of her resume and cover letter to the guidance of her MAPH mentors. The Schuler Scholar Program prepares high school students who are bright and motivated, but underserved, to succeed at the most competitive colleges and universities. Prior to MAPH, Sara had worked in college admissions and education, but having the opportunity to deeply explore the humanities during MAPH--especially in the context of UChicago's extensive resources--further cemented her conviction about the value of a top-notch education and that it should be accessible to every student who wants one. The work that Sara does now helps students achieve success in high school so they are prepared to thrive in the kind of intellectually challenging and enriching environment that MAPH exemplifies.


Mitch Marr (’10) | Senior Communications and Marketing Manager, The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles 

Mitch is the Senior Communications and Marketing Manager at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, a museum dedicated to the promise of art and ideas to illuminate our lives and build a more just world. Previously, Mitch served as the Assistant Director of Arts Communications at the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, a multidisciplinary home for arts practice, presentation, and scholarship at the University of Chicago. Prior to moving to Chicago, Mitch was the director of a social justice nonprofit organization focused on systemic change through education, organizing, and legislative action. Seeking both a career and life change, Mitch enrolled in MAPH to reengage his scholarly interests and pivot to the arts and culture sector (from the start, he was not PhD track). After studying public sphere theory, queer theory, and cultural policy during MAPH, Mitch worked variously in politics, grant writing, fundraising, and project management before joining the Logan Center staff full time. Mitch credits his transition to the arts world, as well as the productivity of the winding path to it, to skills sharpened in MAPH. photo credit: Ben Chandler


Jennifer Harris ('02) | Development and Communications Consultant

Jennifer Harris currently works as a development and communications consultant for non-profit organizations. During her MAPH year, Jennifer focused on gender studies. After MAPH, Jennifer worked at the Chicago Humanities Festival and taught at Roosevelt University and East West University before starting a career in non-profit development. Jennifer understands the humanistic training she gained in MAPH to be the cornerstone of her work in development. For more information, check out her blog post on AfterMAPH.



Peter Nurre ('10) | English Faculty, Strake Jesuit College Prepatory

Peter Nurre completed MAPH in 2010 and is now in his fourth year teaching English at Strake Jesuit College Preparatory in Houston, TX. He teaches two sections of English 1 (Introduction to Literature) and two sections of English 2 (American Literature). He also serves as English Department Chair, guiding curriculum and instruction, sits on two faculty committees for professional development, acts as an assistant coach for the Cross Country and Track & Field teams, and drinks a lot of watery but free coffee. Although he had worked in a similar school prior to MAPH, Peter credits his experience at UChicago with teaching him how to handle the unpredictability and stress that naturally accompany dealing with adolescents on a daily basis. MAPH also gave him a greater foundation in literary studies, which allows him prepare my students for the expectations and trends in post-secondary education. Many of the concepts, terms, and analytical skills taught in the MAPH program are both applicable to the college prep classroom and accessible to students' inquisitive minds. 


Anna Piepmeyer ('07) | Director of Education, Open Books

Anna Piepmeyer currently serves as the Director of Education for Open Books, a Chicago based literacy-nonprofit. In her role, Anna has the opportunity to work with thousands of students and teachers from across the city, and she hopes to dedicate her career to helping underserved schools and communities thrive. MAPH taught Anna the importance of an inquisitive mind, and she brings that curiosity to all of her classrooms in the hope of helping young people find personal truth in literature. For more information, check out her blog post on AfterMAPH.



Michael Washburn ('02) | Writer and Director of Programs, New York Council for the Humanities

Since finishing MAPH in 2002, Michael Washburn has worked in the public humanities, curating programs designed to facilitate public discourse on politics, history, music, and literature. He is currently the director of programs at the New York Council for the Humanities. Immediately prior to joining the Council, he was interim director of the Office of Public Programs at the Graduate Center, City University of New York, where he also worked as the assistant director of the Graduate Center's Center for the Humanities. While still living in Chicago he worked at the Illinois Humanities Council and UChicago's Cultural Policy Center.

In addition to his public humanities work, Michael has maintained a parallel career as a writer. His journalism, criticism, and essays have appeared in numerous publications, including The New York Times Book Review, The New Republic, NPR, Bookforum, The Washington Post, and many others. Michael has been a guest speaker at NYU, UChicago, and several CUNY campuses, and during the spring 2015 semester he will be teaching at both Hunter College and NYU.


From Michael:

I completed MAPH the same way that I entered: in a state of ambivalence about pursuing a PhD. Not that my persistent ambivalence was the program's fault -"When in doubt, don't" should be all MAPHers' PhD mantra - but MAPH did play a role in my decision to not pursue further graduate work. The dynamic, interdisciplinary nature of the program is beyond dispute, but the program's ability to sharpen skills while instilling confidence and broadening professional and intellectual horizons is something I feel many entering students might not fully appreciate. If you're open to it, MAPH can show you ways to pursue a life of the mind without following "standard" academic paths.  Or at least that's been my experience. 


Breahna Wilson ('13) | Client Associate, Laird Norton Wealth Management

In some ways, Breahna was an unconventional MAPH student, as her undergraduate degree is in Economics and her academic and professional interests were geared towards bringing together her passion for economics and her passion for the humanities. She enrolled in the Cultural Policy Option and completed a thesis about the role of arts education in education policy. Going into MAPH, her goal was to integrate theory and practice through the use of inclusive leadership. Coming out of MAPH, she says that she has started to chip away at this task and can’t wait to further it. She recently started a job at Laird Norton Wealth Management as a Client Associate. Her job duties include: creating custom reports, financial analysis and managing daily transactions (a nice blend of practice and theory).