The MAPH degree requires three quarters of study beyond the BA. All MAPH students take the MAPH Core Course: Foundations of Interpretive Theory in their first quarter of graduate study. The Core starts two weeks prior to the beginning of Autumn quarter and is only offered in the Autumn. In addition to the Core, students take eight classes, three per quarter, over the course of the year. 

After completing the Core Course, MAPH students must take MAPH 30200/30400, the Thesis Writing Workshop, which takes place in Winter and Spring. Students consult with their Preceptors and Advisors about their planned course of study outside of these required courses.

Elective Courses

Students may enroll in any course normally open to first-year graduate students at the University of Chicago. Most departments distinguish between MA/Ph.D.-level courses open to first-year graduate students (normally classes numbered in the 30000s and 40000s) and Ph.D.-level courses such as seminars and intensive reading classes (numbered in the 50000s and 60000s).

MAPH students may not take the upper Ph.D.-level courses in Autumn quarter. After Autumn, students who wish to enroll in upper Ph.D.-level course must get permission from the instructor and from their Preceptors. Students may take up to 2 undergraduate/college courses (numbered in the 20000s) with permission of the instructor and their Preceptors.

Grade Requirements 

All MAPH students must earn a 'B-' or better in the Core, must maintain a 'B' average with no grade lower than 'B-', and must earn a 'B' or better on their thesis. The MAPH Classics Option augments the thesis requirement with passing the departmental examinations in both Greek and Latin. Students may take up to two courses Pass/Fail, a grading option which students arrange individually with their instructors. MA students may not audit courses, but may sit in on courses as they wish, with permission from the instructor. 

Time to Degree

If taken full-time, the MAPH program can be completed in one year. It is possible to do MAPH part-time. Students interested in this option should consult with MAPH's Associate Director.

Students have five years from their initial enrollment to complete their degrees (as of August 2007). A student who began the program in Autumn 2007, for example, must have all courses (including the thesis) completed and be in a position to receive the degree at the end of Summer Quarter 2012. After five years, students may no longer register for further coursework and incomplete coursework becomes permanently incomplete. Students who began MAPH before Autumn 2007 may no longer apply for the MA after Summer 2012.